Vitaly Terushkin, M.D., FAAD, FACMS

Mohs Micrographic Surgery & Dermatologic Oncology

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"I've been meaning to write this review for ages--I had Mohs surgery performed by Dr. Vitaly Terushkin last year, and he was such a phenomenal doctor, it made the entire experience so not a big deal. Which is a pretty large statement, considering that a section of my ear had to be ripped open, and then stitched up, and some parts of the procedure were time consuming. Dr. Terushkin was so professional and personable, and even asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to when he stitched my ear up! What doctor does that? I chose Neil Young, and then he got to work. Another thing I appreciated was the passion he showed for his craft. Just in speaking to him, and witnessing the perfectionism on display as he attended to my ear, he made the stitches so small, and even, and precise, that now, not even a year later, there is absolutely no scar whatsoever, and the skin in that area looks totally normal. It is rare these days to encounter a doctor who truly enjoys and takes great pride in his craft--that is the feeling I got from all of my encounters with Dr. Terushkin." NS, Yelp.

"This doctor is the best I've seen in 77 years of going to various doctors...Kind, compassionate, efficient, and hardworking. Explained everything carefully - no sugar-coating, just the facts. Does brilliant work - takes time to get it right and then moves on. Explains everything. And he plays whatever music you want! After each of two Mohs surgeries, he phoned me at home to be sure I was OK - and leaves a personal phone number in case you need him. Simply, the best." OL, Healthgrades.

"All doctors should be like Dr. Terushkin. He not only excels in his craft but his bedside manner is equally matched which is a rarity. He performed a very delicate and tricky Mohs procedure on my face six months ago and the results are amazing. Thank you Dr. Terushkin!." EI, Google Reviews. 

"I've had three surgical procedures by Dr. Terushkin for facial carcinomas. I felt comfortable with him because of his pleasing manner. He explained the whole procedures beforehand and paid special attention to my concerns and needs. The final outcome of my surgery was impeccable. Others noticed too and asked me who was my surgeon." WF,

"Dr. Terushkin is a very skillful Mohs surgeon. Five weeks ago he removed a skin cancer on my nose very close to an eye, a very delicate spot. It's healing at this point far better than I had expected after having first consulted with another Mohs surgeon who works with a plastic surgeon in situations like mine. He's also very easy to talk to. And his support/office staff are super-competent and pleasant. Highly recommended!" GK, Google Reviews.

"Just had my 4th Mohs surgery with Dr.Terushkin and I must say his work is impeccable. I am not an easy patient but the staff showed so much compassion and Jessica was right by my side. She was very thorough and extremely competent and caring. I couldnt say enough about the staff (GIGI,Rosie,Delia,Amy) They were excellent!!! Its not something you wish to do but if needed Dr Vitaly Terushkin is the best there is!!!!Yes he even played Andrea Bocelli which I found so soothing during his work. I do recommend him highly." JA,

"We have used Dr Terushkin a few times because we love him.I was concerned to get the best surgeon for my elderly mom- He does BEAUTIFUL surgical work !You can barely notice any scar- if any! He treats the patient with extreme care, explaining everything before and after and during procedures, and is so professional and extremely kind and understanding!! !Dr Terushkin always listens to our requests.He is also accessible by phone for a problem or question. and is so kind and caring. His staff is also SO WONDERFUL as well- ROSIE and AMY- who cared for us like family, are the most WONDERFUL PEOPLE-as well as gigi and maddy! THANK YOU so much - I cannot get over such a wonderful office in todays day - especially with the elderely. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THEM!" SB, Healthgrades.          

"If you need delicate, precise surgery performed on you, there is only one place to go to have this done -- it's the office of Vitaly Terushkin, M.D., and team, using Mohs micrographic surgery and cutaneous oncology. They are the best of the best and are truly the Miracle Workers of 69th Street. If you live as far away as California, Texas or Ohio, it's worth a trip to be in the hands of this truly "rare find!" " RM,

"I had MOHS procedure March 10,2020. I felt like I was in good hands! Very Professional, skilled and friendly. His assistants were wonderful also." JB, Healthgrades.

"Dr. Terushkin is an excellent doctor. The excision surgical procedure that he performed on my mother was superb. Dr. Terushkin takes the time to explain thoroughly and in terms that are easy to understand what is entailed and what to expect during and after the procedure. He is very kind, caring, and easygoing. The nurses are kind and attentive and gave excellent post surgical instructions that were easy to follow. The office staff is friendly and accommodating. Overall, we had a great experience, and we highly recommend." NP,

"I had surgery today with Dr. Terushkin and I could not say enough good things about my experience. I arrived very nervous and unknowing, and left so at ease and relieved. His bed side manor was impeccable, he removed all that needed to be removed, and the sutures I needed are clean and done with such skill, I am sure when it’s healed it will be a minimal scar at best. He and his staff were top notch! Anyone would be in great hands with Dr. Terushkin! Could not give him enough “stars!” Thanks again!!" JP, Facebook.

"I was referred to Dr. Terushkin by my dermatologist after a diagnosis of melanoma on my chest; she said he was the only one to do it because he had a very fine touch and his hands were magical. I arrived at Dr. Terushkin's office on a snowy day for an initial consultation but, happily for me, he consented to do the surgery that afternoon. His assistant Amy was reassuring and excellent in every way and Dr. Terushkin made the procedure very clear; he drew a circle on my chest to show me the area of tissue that he intended to remove. After I took a deep breath, I felt relaxed and comfortable while he was working and confident about his professional skills. Today, three weeks after surgery I can see how smooth my scar appears and how it will gradually almost disappear. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Terushkin. Thank you to everyone, including the wonderful women at the front desk, for your patience and skill." CM,

"I had my procedure done this morning, he was thorough, patient, warm & professional & his assistant was excellent as well." SB, Healthgrades.

"Dr. T performed major surgery on my face for cancer, requiring extensive reconstruction. He explained everything clearly beforehand, he and his staff did an excellent job, made me feel from the first minute that I was in good hands, and I'm grateful that my dermatologist sent me to him. On my many follow-up visits, he and his staff were un-failingly friendly, helpful, and expert. Highly recommended." RP,

"Dr. Terushkin is a very fine doctor. I had a large basal cell growth removed from the middle of my cheek requiring two large incisions and a skin flap to close it. Now, about 2-1/2 months later the wound is healing very nicely because of his excellent work stitching it closed. He is also very responsive if you have any issues after surgery. The best." D. Healthgrades.

"I will ALWAYS be incredibly thankful for meeting DR.Terushkin. Being diagnosed with the BIG C on my nose was incredibly unnerving. Dr Terushkin explained everything to me about the procedure. After the surgery when he told me I was now CANCER free, I started to cry. The BIG C no longer - imagine hearing that, very very emotional. His staff is the BEST. My healing is incredible & I will ALWAYS be indebted to Dr.Terushkin and staff for all they have done for me." KK,

"I recently had Mohs micrographic surgery performed by Dr. Terushkin. He is professional, talented and caring. I had an excellent result and the scar is undetectable." SB, Google Reviews.

"My dermatologist referred me to Dr. Terushkin after finding a melanoma on my chin. All my interactions between him, his staff, his assistant, the office have been wonderful, during a very scary time for me. My phone calls were returned promptly, with all the information I needed, his handling of the Mohs procedure was professional, expert, compassionate, thorough. His assistant, Amy, was similarly extremely competent and caring. The front desk staff were friendly, thorough. A highly satisfactory experience. Thanks to all involved." DN.

"Dr. Terushkin performed surgery on my face several years ago. You cannot see the scar. He is an amazing talent with a great bedside manner!" SH, Facebook.

"Dr. Terushkin performed MOHS on my nose to remove a basal cell tumor. I was extremely nervous about how large it might be and what the result would look like. I am in awe at what Dr. Terushkin was able to do. Three months later, you can barely tell that I had surgery. Dr. Terushkin and his staff were professional, caring and thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Terushkin and his practice." EE,

"He performed a Mohs surgery & a flap closure on me. The results are excellent. He is very nice, explains everything & works with a very good staff in a clean, efficient setting. He is highly recommended." JS, Google Reviews.

"Could not have had a better experience with Dr. Terushkin and his staff. My facial scar is healing beautifully as totally predicted by the staff. No one wants this but it is a comfort to know that this treatment is available when necessary and that Dr. Terushkin and his staff stand ready to make sure that the experience and outcome is the best that it can be." AC,

"My father went last week for a mohs surgery. The Dr. was kind and he even called personally after surgery to check on him. Staff was friendly and helpful. The office is updated and very clean and bright. Highly recommend." JC, Google Reviews.

"I had mohs surgery on my nose in June of this year. I had 25 stitches going straight down the bridge of my nose. There is no scar.....Doctor Terushkin was wonderful. He even called that evening to check on me. If you had seen my face that day or even - 2-3 days later you would have thought - she will never look the same again. It healed like a charm. Highly recommend him and his staff are wonderful." KN,

"Dr Turushkin is amazing. I found out I had melanoma stage 0 on my face. I needed Mohls’s surgery and was going to be left with a big scar on my face. I was so upset. Dr. Turushkin put me at ease and made the process a little easier to handle. It has been a little over 3 months and my scar looks great. Highly recommend! If you have to have this type of surgery Dr. Turushkin is the best one for the job!" CG, Facebook.

"I had Moh's surgery on my nose performed by Dr. Terushkin in February of this year. The surgery left a significant wound, but due to Dr. Terushkin's skill there is no scar. I am grateful for Dr. Terushkin and his staff for excellent care. I highly recommend him."  BJ,

"Dr. Terushkin performed Mohs surgery on my face and did a phenominal job! Unfortunately, two weeks after my surgery, I fell and the entire incision opened up BUT, when I called his office and told them what happened, they had me come right back in and he restitched the entire inciision. Naturally, I was very concerned at how the end result would look. It is just amazing how this scar is healing and it looks exactly as I imagined it would, just wonderful! You could not ask for a more wonderful, kind and professional surgeon!" ME,

"Dr. Vitaly Terushkin is beyond excellent, he is outstanding. His staff are like a well oiled machine.Gob Bless Dr. Vitaly Terushkin for all he does for all of Us." DN,

"My dermatologist, Dr. Eric Berkowitz referred Dr. Vitaly Terushkin when he biopsied a basal cell carcinoma on my temple. Dr. Terushkin performed the Moh's surgery. It was the first time I heard "Cancer" and so I was quite nervous about the procedure. He took the time to describe the entire procedure and reassured me that all would be well. And it was! His assistant Jessica was so reassuring as she attended to the pre and post-surgery and I felt well taken care of. His staff are all professionals. They are an amazing team and function like clockwork. I thank G-d I found them. The wound is still healing but the stitches look perfectly straight. He told me not to send him any buttons that needs sewing. Humor and excellent skills in Dr. Terushkin are beyond excellent. He is so very talented. I can't say enough about him although I already have. Thanks!." MS, 

"Dr Terushkin did mohs surgery for a basal cell carcinoma on my scalp . I was very worried about the outcome and being left with a bald spot…One week after the surgery I can see he did a very neat job and I actually cannot see a scar at all ?! Wonderful doctor and very accessible- returned my texts and calls very graciously and was very reassuring of my fears!!" BP, 

"I highly recommend Dr Terushkin and his friendly staff. I had 2- a basal and a squamous cell cancer. I was immediately brought in for surgery, all my questions and concerns were answered. My Mohs surgery went well, he was quick and efficient . The doctor had to go in twice, because he wanted to make sure that any microscopic squamous and basal cell edges were clear and removed. Very caring doctor, personalized and also excellent follow up to check up on me." NM, Google Reviews.